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This article was written with three primary purposes in mind.

First, this article is to answer questions about the origins and history of the Yachats Indians for which little information is currently available. General knowledge contends that there were no Yachats Indians since no evidence had been found that Indian people lived in the Yachats area on a permanent basis. However, there was information gathered about the Indians of Yachats. There was research conducted from the 1880s through to the 1940s on a number of the central coastal Indian bands. Those early researchers conducted numerous on-site interviews of Indian people who grew up on the Alsea Sub-Agency(1859 - 1875) that, in part, was located at present day Yachats. Those Indian people included in this article are Lottie Evenoff, Spencer Scott, Frank Drew (who received information from Jim Buchanan), Annie Minor Peterson, and Leona Ludson, In addition, archaeological site investigations have been done in the Yachats area with very important findings. This early research and more recent archaeological site investigations give strong support that Indian people called the Yachats area their home.

The second purpose evolved as data was being gathered. More information was discovered as to the possible origins of the names of Alsea and Yachats. The discoveries include how the pronunciation of Yachats evolved.

The article will also address some of the historical accounts that have portrayed the Alsea Sub-Agency-Reservation (1859 - 1875) as an idyllic settlement. The third purpose of this article is to set the record straight by providing an accurate historical account of how the Indians were treated at the Alsea Sub-Agency. Dislocation, forced incarceration, and denial of Native practices to obtain food, European-induced diseases, starvation and abuse are described.

It is these authors’ hope that this article and its bibliography will bring the historical past into the present, making present-day Yachats settlers more familiar, respectful, and appreciative of our heritage.

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